Why join the Panthers?

  • We offer a year-round program for players interested in playing the full school year, but also offer flexibility to players who want to combine Rugby with other fall sports such as Football
  • Our coaches are passionate and have an international Rugby background, they have deep roots in the game and offer a depth of knowledge rare at the youth level
  • Our coaching philosophy puts the emphasis on skills & player development rather than on athleticism. Our style of play reflects this approach, with a focus on movement, agility, ball handling skills and team skills rather than relying only on physicality.
  • Our top priority is safety. We compete agressively in league games and coach our kids to win, but we will rather loose a game than put any player at risk.
  • We want to maintain a high coach to player ratio: 7 to 1 for each age group. This allows to coach players individually as needed.
  • We offer Individual & personalized coaching and welcome parents in our discussions

How many players does the club have in each age group?

Our objective is to have 

  • approximately 20 players in the U10 age group, with 3-4 coaches. During the game season, this allows for 2 teams of 7 with substitutes.
  • approximately 22 players in the U12 age group with 3 coaches. During the game season this allows for 1 team of 12 to 15 with substitutes.
  • approximately 25 players in the U14 age group with 3 coaches. During the game season this allows for 1 team of 15 with substitutes.
  • approximately 50 players in High-School, with 4 coaches, which may be divided into  2 teams (Junior Varsity and Varsity) of 15 based on age and skill level during the game season.

What is the minimum age to start playing with the Panthers?

We accept players in 1st and 2nd grades who are older than 6 on Sept. 1st, however, players must have enough maturity and attention-span to participate in 1h30 practices and follow instructions of the coaches. If after a few sessions coaches find that your child has difficulty following practices – which is not unusual at this age – we may reach out to you to discuss postponing their participation to the following year, for their benefit and the benefit of the group.

Is your schedule different from other clubs?

  • we offer a year-round program, which is unique in the state. Most other clubs start the season in January or later
  • because we play year-round, we allow new players to join at any time during the year based on their other activities, and gradually develop them to be game-ready
  • we offer 3 practices per week during fall (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays). For grades 1-4 only one is mandatory during the week (+ Saturday)

Is youth rugby safe?

Rugby is a contact sport, and as such carries an inherent risk of injury. While it is difficult to characterize injury risks, we can offer some opinions (if not indisputable facts), and share our coaching philosophy:

  • Rugby is not more dangerous than American Football, we believe it is actually safer.
  • The risk of concussion is significantly lower in Rugby as tackles are done with the shoulder, and any contact to the head by a player is severely sanctioned (up to a red card)
  • The emphasis of Rugby USA, Rugby WA and the Panthers Youth Rugby Club is to put player safety first. We have stopped league games in the past when we considered that our players’ safety was at risk.
  • As a club and as coaches, we pride ourselves in having had few player injuries, at a rate similar to soccer for example.

Is the club a non-profit?

Panthers Youth Rugby Club is a non-profit 501C3 organization. Our UBI# is 604-045-287 and our EIN is 81. 4115623
Your time as volunteer and your donations help us grow the program.

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