Passionate team of coaches, with diverse international Rugby backgrounds:

Karim El Naggar, U14 and High-School head coach & club president – from France

Craig Morris,High-School head coach – from New Zealand

John Cullen, High-School coach – from USA

Dave MacLachlan, U12 coach – from Canada

Jose Romero,  U12 coach – from Venezuela

Edouard De Cremiers, U12 coach – from France

Chris Palmer, U10 and U14 coach – from USA

Keenan Polanco, U10 coach & Club Strength & Conditioning coach – from USA

Jim Breazeale, U10 coach – from USA

Findlay Mc Kay, U10 coach – from Scotland

Kiberly Zindel, U10 coach – from USA

Sophie Demandolx, Club administrator and assistant coach – from France


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