Starting January 2020, we have simplified registration and combined our club dues with the league fees  so you only register and pay once:

1- Club Dues: . Our fees are very reasonable and we provide every year a practice jersey, shorts, socks and a Rugby ball. Fees are for the full year (not per quarter).

This year we will collect money for the post game feeds that the host team provides for players of both teams at the start of the season for simplicity. This is part of the Rugby tradition and culture. It allows the players to interact with the other team, build friendships and show respect for others. The feed fees for this year (25$) are same than as year. 2020 Yearly club membership’s dues are:

  • U10: fees $182.50+$25 fee for season feed = $207.50
  • U12: fees $212.50 + $25 fee for season feed = $237.50
  • U14: fees  $272.50 + $25 fee for season feed = $297.50
  • HS: fees  $237.50 + $25 fee for season feed = $262.50

U10 means a player was not yet 10 on September 1st of 2019 (start of school year). If your child is of the right age in his grade the age groups align to grades as follows:

  • U10 <–> Grades 1-4
  • U12 <–> Grades 5-6
  • U14 <–> Grades 7-8

2- Rugby WA and Rugby USA Dues: This covers the league fees (insurance….), which are mandatory in order to play Rugby. We will take care of registering your player with the league, and get his ID number (CCIP). This serves as proof of insurance for this contact sport. Returning players keep the same CCIP.

2020 Fees for Rugby WA/USA are:

  • $37.50 for U10 (1-4th grades) –> Total Payment $245
  • $57.50 for U12 (5/6th grades) –> Total Payment $295
  • $57.50 for U14 (7/8th grades) –> Total Payment $355
  • $92.50 for High-School                –> Total Payment $355


Click  here to register to the club and the league through one simple process.

Prospects, if you want to attend a few practices before deciding to join for the season, please complete the full registration, completing all the waivers, and select ‘Pay offline’ at the end of the process. This allows you to pay later, once you’ve done a few practices.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact info@panthersyouthrugby.com

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