Teams & Schedule


We currently offer Rugby to 4 age groups from 1st to 12th grades:

U10 (approx. 1-4th grades) – Non-Contact: ‘Rookie Rugby’. There is no tackle at this age (as per Rugby WA & Rugby USA regulation). The game is played with ‘touch’ replacing tackles, and the emphasis is on skill development and learning the principles of play.

U12 (approx. 5-6th grades): The game is played as a contact game, with significant adjustments to adult rules for the safety of children. Scrums are uncontested. Rucks are introduced in a limited manner. No lifting in Line-outs.

U14 (approx.7-8th grades): ‘Development’ age group, where rules are closer to adult rules, with some adjustments for safety. Mauls are limited to a few seconds. Scrums can become uncontested by referee decision for safety reasons.

High-School: International Youth Rules apply, which are very close to adult rules, but still including some adjustments for safety.

Schedule Overview:

League Games played on Saturday mornings from early March to Mid May. We usually receive the list of games and dates from Rugby WA (our governing league) in February of each year. Games details are communicated by the hosting club the week before the game.

Our week-days practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays

U10 (non-contact): only one practice per week required, second one optional + 1 optional practice on Saturdays if no League game

U12 and above (5-12th grades): 2 practices mandatory per week + Third practice on Saturday if no league game

The club offers Rugby during the full school year, from September to early June, with 2 registration periods:

1-Fall kick-off  (September-October): All players welcome to join

2-Winter  (League) kick-off: (January): All returning players accepted, new players accepted based on team spots available and athletic condition (previous contact sport experience welcome but not required).  Later registrations (after January) possible based on skill evaluation.

2018-19 Schedule:

All 2018-19 practice locations for the the year will be in the vicinity of the Microsoft Main Campus.

Our Fall practice locations will be confirmed end of August 

  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays usually from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • On Saturdays usually from 10am to 12pm

Winter and Spring 2019 Schedule will be confirmed in November

  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays usually from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • On Saturdays usually from 10am to 12pm

Summer 2019 Schedule:

Summer Rugby is played in 7s format, as opposed to 15s format during the school year. This is a faster, lighter and simpler version of the game.

  • Rugby Camps – external provider.
  • Rugby events in coordination with other friendly leagues


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